This season I've been watching Glee. It's a pretty good show. Last week's episode focused on Artie, whose wheelchair would keep him from travelling with the rest of the Glee club to sectionals. Though their advisor, Mr. Schuester, wanted to raise money for them to rent a bus that was wheelchair friendly, none of the other club members wanted to put the effort into doing it. This song Artie sang was so good. I love his voice, but also just the idea that with his disability he is alone, and it's kind of sad, but he's also celebrating it in a small way. Watching it, especially in the context of the show, gave me small shivers. Mr. Schuester eventually taught the Glee club an important lesson when they were all required to use wheelchairs for three hours every day so they could understand Artie's world. It was rich.

Glee is on Wednesdays at 9 on Fox. Check it out!


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