We Wish You Well We Wish You Well We Wish You Well

Each day in Avery's preschool class the kids gather with Teacher Penny and think of wishes for their friends that are gone. If nobody's gone, they wish each other well with a song. If more than one child is gone, the children's wishes pile up for all who are gone on one page. Penny records them on a peice of paper and the page of wishes gets delivered to that child's mailbox so they have something nice to welcome them back to school.

Avery went back to school yesterday and had a few days worth of Wish you Well notes in her box. She would have had a third but one of her absenses fell on Veteran's Day.
Here are the wishes her friends gave her on Monday, the day she was the only one gone:

Come back to school (5)
Come to play
playdate with me (2)
celebrate your birthday
toy robot
come to my birthday
big castle
I love you (2)
dragon costume
everything done magical
toy care
have a sleepover
wish you could fly


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