Game? I'm Game!

We've been gamin' it up around here lately and it's so fun! Avery loves Zingo, Schmetti Coloretti, sometimes her Eric Carle Sloth Dominoes Set. Jooge has been enjoying Shut the Box. Both girls learned to play Checkers this weekend and Julia especially loved it. I'm excited to add more new games for Christmas this year. Pictureka looks so fun, and good old Connect Four. Sorry is on the list, and I'm going to pick out some ThinkFun games, too, like Rush Hour Jr. or Chocolate Fix that Avery's friend had that look so fun! What about you, any game recommendations that your family loves?


Noah and Wendy said…
Toot and Otto is a fun version of connect four that we've enjoyed, and Trouble recently showed up around here and has been a hit. I think our all time favorite standby is UNO though. Happy game hunting:) -Wendy

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