Avery started ballet this week. It's a half hour class through the Parks and Rec and it's a PERFECT place for her to have fun, build confidence, and DANCE!

I expected a bit of anxiety on her part but knew the class was something she would love and could handle so when we got out of the car and there were tears and fears I just kept walking her towards the class. Everyone gathered and her teacher took roll and then noticed her sad face and said something about how some kids get shy on the first day, then took her by the hand and they went over and put on the princess music. I stepped out and watched through the window with the other parents, relieved that she was no longer crying but instead focusing on the moves intently. She would smile and wave at me every once in awhile. It was awesome.

Now I think she'd like to go daily and as I type, she's sporting a leotard.


Anonymous said…
She will be a Sugar Plum Fairy before you know it. Aunt Meghann will be sooo proud! `m

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