Believe it or not, for me creative endeavors happen in spurts, when I have time, a TO DO list, and the creative drive, or need to create within. I go long periods of time when I might have a bit of time but nothing to make, or maybe a list of projects but not time, or time and projects but no interest. You get the picture.

Sometimes the planets allign to allow what happened this weekend to happen: an open weekend at home with no plans hatched all sorts of productivity on the creative front. Yes people. I crossed several creative projects off my TO DO list and loved every minute of it.

I had intended for this tote to be a birthday present but I reconsidered after it was done. Now it's Avery's and I have plans to also make Julia one. This weekend I stitched down the owl and all its parts as last week I had only stuck it down with iron-on adhesive. The owl has books in its' wings, and is intended as a library bag as the ones they have now are on the small side.

I am hard at work on actual artwork for our home: a collage for the family room's mantle.

While "watching" a man movie (Hurt Locker) with my husband Friday night, I finished this hat that I've been poking away on for awhile now. Then, I started a second hat that I finished today during our family's movie night.(We watched Wild Horses Can't Be Broken). These ribbed hats come together very quickly and knitting, it's such a mindless but welcome way to occupy my fingers.

This sweater was coming apart along the neck seam so as a solution I sewed some brown ric rac I had along the seam. Voila! Visual interest. (Look at all the brown in this post-it's definitely my go-to color).

The next time I have time, motivation, and creative juices accessible, I really want to sew myself a swim bag, with little compartments for things like my rec center membership card, goggles, shampoo, towel, wallet, lock, keys, etc. There's other stuff on the TO DO pile, too. And hats, always more hats.


Anonymous said…
I love your creations. Your collages are the best. I have three years of Martha Stewart magazines. Do you want them for ideas and inspiration? I also need to get that hat pattern. I think it ends off different than mine. Keep up the blogging, it inspires me! ~m
Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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