Ten Things

Happy 2010! I have had a wonderful, restful time with the fam experiencing the holidays. I'm looking forward to getting back into our routine in a few more days but for now am enjoying every last morsel of our freedom.

Here are ten tid-bits to let you in on life lately:
1. I got my husband good knives for Christmas and then cut the tip of my thumb off with one of them the other day while making applesauce.

2. It snowed here this week. Totally out of the blue.

3. We hit the zoo last week. It was a great visit: cold, but lots of animals and action. The beavers, for example, were out and eating carrots. Sweet!

4. We are staying in a Yurt tomorrow night. I've never spent the night in a Yurt. Should be a hoot.

5. On tap for Sunday night when we get home: Old Yeller. It's a classic, and the funny thing is, I've checked it out from the library multiple times, only to return it because each time I think, "It's too sad. We're not ready for it." But now, I am going to show it to them. I'll let you know how that goes.

6. The girls are going to be taking classes in January. Julia: gymnastics. Avery: dance.

7. At our preschool auction in mid-November we came home with 20 passes for the local pool/rec center that I was determined to use before they expired Dec. 31st. I only have two left which I intended to use this week but didn't because the lady behind the desk said I could totally use them in 2010.

8. We had ham for Christmas dinner and my husband has made two different ham casseroles out of the leftovers that have been so yum.

9. Do you watch Modern Family? I started watching it recently and just love that show. It's my new fave. Cameron is my favorite character.

10. The kids and I have been reading Bill Pete books over the break. We have only two more to read. My favorites: Pamela Camel, Merle the High Flying Squirrel, Kermit the Hermit, Ella, and the Gnats of Knotty Pine. I used to always do an author study of Bill Pete's books when I was teaching, so it was fun to read them with my own kiddos. We discovered they have common elements like trains, barns, the city vs. the country, and circuses. There are a few that also have a strong environmental theme. Love them!

Happy New Year! See you back here real soon!


Anonymous said…
Obviously I have been away. Happy New Year! I am glad to be back to reading and have some great blogging to read. I especially love the beginning of December analogy. Thankfully the cabin is on the mend not until it took a big bite out of the vacation spirit however! I'm loving U! AM
Maureen said…
Cameron is my favorite on Modern Family too! That show makes me howl with laughter!

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