Happy Hearts

It's heart day around here, as evidenced by all the valentine making that's been going on. For some reason, despite the TONS of ideas out there on the internets we did our own thing. Avery's are on doilies and say "OWL love you forever" in a REBUS-like way. Julia's are scrapbook paper cards with stickers and pencils. They all look simply LOVELY and after lots of work by the kiddos are finally (just in time!) done for tomorrow's parties.

I did not make valen"times" but am enjoying theirs and the sight of all the boxes or pockets ready to envelop the love lined up in the halls at school. I will be working at preschool during their Valentine's Day party and think of it as a favorite day with everyone sitting around the edge of the rug opening theirs, shouting across to friends, "Thanks_______!"

I bought LOVE stamps today that are just so cute, I think. They are the King and Queen of Hearts design, and it's been so long since I've had a cute stamp that I feel a little sad I am not sending any Valentines.

Happy heart day! We four will be spending ours at the beach drawing hearts in the sand.


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