Rail on, Long Beach! Rail on!

I need to add a new term to the Urban Dictionary, a word we used often in college: Railer. We used it to describe people who RAILED. If you RAIL, you wear cut-off jeans and a mullet when it's unfashionable. RAILERS roller skate around town listening to walkmans. To RAIL meant do your thing with wild abandon when nobody else was doing it. The term comes up now and then between my husband and I, and was used quite often during our last trip to the shore.

We went to Long Beach, Washington over President's Weekend. Long Beach rails, let me tell you. To prove my point, when we drove up, there was caution crime scene tape wrapped around a whole block, enough to detour traffic. My husband learned when checking into the motel room that there had been a shooting the night before but that they'd caught the criminal. The next day his trip to the grocery store revealed otherwise, they had not caught the criminal. Perhaps he was swimming in the pool at our motel, murky and glowing all at once. That trip to the pool? A true adventure in railing.

We tried to hike out to Ledbetter State Park but the trail was flooded. Rail on, trail! It was still very pleasant=no mosquitos. The first day we were there the wind might have knocked down Avery, so we didn't venture down until it had calmed a bit. Rail on, wind! The next day, the beach just couldn't help but be amazing. The weather defied the gloomy forecast. It railed! And honestly, what's more railer than being able to drive on the beach?

We had fun creating a Sea Gal, who definitely knew how to rail.

Rail on, Long Beach, Rail on! Perhaps this could be a lyric sung to the tune of, "Roll on Colombia, Roll on!"


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing 'railer' with the masses. I've been using it for years, since you introduced me long ago. It's RICH (also yours, thANks). Long Beach DOES rail! For raill!!!! I saw a dude driving a Trans Am the other day in Duvall with total pride--it was rail-icious!
Love, Meg

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