Masking Tape + Playdate = Good Times

January started off with a bang and we had several playdates. One afternoon Avery's classmate Leah came home with her and after lunch they had some serious and spontaneous fun with a roll of masking tape.

It all started with Leah making big L's on the wall and just cracking up about it. I told her she was like Zorro who liked to leave Z's all over the place.

Then I pointed out how we had one big blank wall and how maybe they'd want to make their whole names on it with masking tape.

First we did Leah's name. We wrote it out and figured out how many peices of tape it would take. They pulled and cut the peices of tape and I put them up because it was high on the wall.

It reminded me a lot of being in their classroom and the way we parents become engaged with kids based on what they're excited about, yet I know when I'm home with the kids, I don't ususally jump in on either playdates or the kid's play. I should more. It was good for all of us.

I did extract myself from the process after we did Leah's name and they worked together to write Avery. They were so engaged and worked so well together, it was just fun to witness.

They posed at the end with their dolls in front of their hard work. Classic.


Anonymous said…
Ohh that is so much better than a painting on the wall:) ~m
charleslhawkes said…
That looked like it was a ton of fun! I bet they really enjoyed being able to do that. It is good that you found a way to let them do something so big.. literally and figuratively. I think it is really important to let children do something that is larger than life and less restrictive than the usual crayons and paper. Instead of telling them no about something grand that they want to do (paint on the wall) it is good that you found something that was not a lot of work for you but the reward for them was just as great.

BTW Paul Simon is awesome!

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