Give Me Liberty

When I see these dancing Statue of Liberties around town, I just can't help but chuckle. They know how to get down.

It seems to be a job requirement for them to listen to music to inspire their groove because I rarely see someone without white headphone chords hanging down from beneath their Liberty headpiece.

Some of them wave, some of them don't, but they all dance.

Yesterday I drove by a new sort of Lady Liberty. Middle-aged, meek and mousy, she stood awkwardly beside the road. She didn't dance. She was looking like she wanted to be doing ANYTHING else. They hire these people to advertise tax services, but she wasn't selling that OR a good time. I bet she didn't last a day.

Tax services aside, the dancing Statue of Liberty is someone the world needs. It's a job that belongs to the smilers, the wavers, the ones who know how to groove. To those green-clad souls, I say thanks. You (well, most of you) brighten my day.

Photo courtesy of The Arizona Republic


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