Birthday Part Two

This week we had Avery's birthday party at our house. I set everything up out on our back deck which was the perfect party spot except the morning was very chilly! She invited nine friends, the perfect party size. I must say, preschoolers are very fun to entertain AND very entertaining themselves. Three favorite mom friends stayed (of their own accord) and were a huge help as well with the party.

Her party was a "Breakfast with the Birds"-themed affair so the kids arrived to pancakes, bacon and fruit for a snack before they painted birdhouses and we went on a walk to try and find birds. Few were around save the hummingbirds that visited the feeder twice, which was very exciting!! There was also some sort of wren-like bird telling us lots of stories from a backyard bush. After our neighborhood jaunt we enjoyed chocolate cupcakes topped with no-bake nests containing jelly-bean eggs and then Avery opened gifts. They gave Avery such great gifts. She's a lucky girl!
She had such a great time.


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