Bright Star

I just saw Bright Star, a visually beautiful movie set in early 1800's England about the poet John Keats' romance with Fanny Brawne. In the movie we get to watch their romance develop and flourish. We get to see the way her mom supports her relationship, despite the fact that Mr. Keats isn't a viable option for her to marry. We get to SWOON over Fanny's outfits. Then we get to cry because John Keats gets Tuberculosis. It's a really sad story, but also really beautiful. If you need a good sad movie that is full of lovely images it's worth sitting down to. Guaranteed you'll marvel at a life lived too briefly, a poet appreciated too late, a love that enlivened all and Keats' way of arranging himself ever so neatly in the top branches of a blooming apple tree. Wouldn't that be a fine place to situate oneself for awhile?


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