Her Passion for Fashion

Lately Avery has been wowing me with her clothing combinations. This creative dressing CAN happen up to three times a day. Her laundry pile usually towers over ours.

Here she looks fairly inconspicuous upon first glance. Look a little closer and you'll see that her legs are layered with a pair of tights, a pair of leggings, a skirt, and a pair of socks. She's even layered her head wear: fabric headband? Check. Plastic headband: got it. Her "tank tot" (no lie, she calls them this) is on backwards, flashing the word "CUTE" to anyone behind her.

I totally let her leave the house looking like this. EVEN when her tights are hiked way past the waistband of her skirt. For some reason the only thing about these get-ups that get to me are the multiple pairs of socks (today three pairs, OVER tights) which make her feet bloated and require wearing shoes that are typically too big. "Perhaps we could do away with the tights?" I asked her the other day when it was 70 degrees. She finally took them off, but she's having a little trouble transitioning out of tight-mode. Shucks, we had 40 degree temperatures just last week, can you blame her?

Oh my little fashionista how I love you so.


Anonymous said…
Wow! A little Siobhan Magnus in the making. Perhaps a dancer instead of a singer. I love the creativity. That's her momma's girl! ~m

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