Le Weekend

This weekend we were supposed to go camping at Honeyman but we cancelled our plans and stayed home to nurse Avery back to health. It was a good decision. She was SICK. Friday we laid ve-ry very low. I made posole and it rained and we watched Iron Man.

Saturday while my husband ran in Forest Park I made bran muffins and weiner wraps. I had brought back all sorts of good things from the library the night before that the kids wanted to watch so they laid low and vedged out while I sewed. I made a pillow from this wonderful book that I'd been wanting to make FOREVER! I noticed others are turning out projects from the book, too. Amazing book,eh?

Avery's temps were up and down all weekend, at their highest 104.6. I don't think either kid has ever had such a high fever and it was freaking me out. I gave her the fever reducer, and it came down each time, it just kept going up. There was hurling. She lay sluglike and flushed and we worried. It was all really awful and put me in stress mode worrying about her. Thankfully I balanced that worry with calming things like sewing and then the next day, yard work while she napped and watched stuff. Thankfully she seems to be doing better today, three days later. Bit by bit she is returning to her old self.

So, the yard work. Sunday we worked hard on our yard-me pulling weeds, spreading bark dust, pruning, my husband mowing, planting, and edging. I am so sore from the yard work, surprisingly. We ended our day watching Avatar. Despite my disinterest in seeing it when it was in the theater, it was so good.

Memorial Day finds we three girls hanging around the house while the husband is back at work. I'm not going to lie to you, despite my efforts at keeping the kids entertained with a few finishing art projects and an afternoon matinee, I have heard multiple times about how bored they are. Bored. Is there a worse word out there? The ice cream truck dinged its' bell and when I said no I got to hear how mean I am. The girls have also been fighting a lot. The good thing is, I got some dusting, vacuuming, and various other chores done amidst it all.

Summer looms, unfriendly. I know it will be great when we settle into our next routine. We will have fun. Still. Today we're just in the transition zone. Avery's transitioning away from being sick and being in school, Julia into being seven. Her birthday looms large. She lost a tooth last night and got a dollar from the tooth fairy today. Big Stuff.

It is Memorial Day, so I will also mention my dad, Vietnam Veteran. I'm so proud of his bravery. Miss you, Pops!


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