When the Kids Are Away, The Mom Eats Pho

What do you do when YOU have a little free time to do whatever you want?

Today Avery had a playdate after preschool, a huge treat for her and me! Instead of picking Avery up, I picked up one of my new favorite treats: Pho and headed home to enjoy it in front of last night's recorded episode of Parenthood. Pho and Parenthood, two of my favorite things. I consider this to be a HUGE and rare treat, sitting in my quiet house alone while the people who usually need me a lot don't because they're playing with friends or learning at school, while it's cold and blustery and I'm warm and eating yummy Vietnamese noodle soup and watching a super entertaining (to me) show and chasing it with coconut M&Ms. Yes, I did say coconut M&M's. They're new and they're tasty.

Anyway, back to the Pho. (Pronounced "fu")

Have you ever had it? We have a great little place that I recently discovered after craving something soupy and asian but never having actually HAD it. Ever since, from time to time I find myself craving its'goodness. It's such a comforting meal. Soon after this craving hits I am sitting in front of a large plastic take out bowl, my face immersed in steam, smelling garlic, ginger and basil. I sip the tasty broth. I dip the chicken in the hoisin sauce. I taste the noodles, swimming with fried shallots and chopped scallions. I pig out on Pho. It's not pretty, but it's yum, totally yum, a delish sensory experience not to be missed.
PS Thanks Jennifer and Emma!


Anonymous said…
How delightful...an unexpected pre-mothers day treat. It sounds delightful and delicious. I must try some soon. Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite mothers. Auntie M

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