Done and Done and Not Done

Re-hung the family photos on a new wall

Met our 93 year old neighbor June, FINALLY!

Worked on bike riding with Aves

Took my mom, who stayed with us for the weekend to have Pho

Enjoying Farmer Boy-we are plowing through the Little House series again and have skipped Farmer Boy in the past but this read has been pretty enjoyable-with many a memorable moment such as the mean bullies who beat up teachers, Almonzo's pig's teeth getting stuck together with candy, them saving the frozen corn harvest. It's an interesting comparison to Laura' family, worth reading, I say.

Figure out a good system for towel management (draping, drying, etc) with all the pool visiting we'll be doing pendent l'ete

Figure out why my keyboard is leaving letters out as I type quickly....grrrrr

Adopt someone in their 80's or 90's (June is a definite candidate)

See "Babies" It looks so good.

Catch an episode of DYAO. Looks like a kick! Literally!


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