We went to Eugene for Father's Day weekend and had a great visit with our friends the Rimbeys. They saved their butterflies and we got to help release them. Thanks, guys!

We spent one day out on their boat, then took a great bike ride the next day. I miss bike riding in Eugene. Heck, I miss Eugene in general. It's the kind of place that leaves me inspired.

Another highlight of the trip were two late night pilgrimages to Eugene's VooDoo Donuts. My favorite is their Grape Ape-I have since found myself craving them, even after having them two nights in a row. We also went to Off the Waffle finally and I've experienced a Liege Waffle. All I can say is that was one heck of a yummy waffle, the best I've ever eaten.


Anonymous said…
I'm just about to eat a waffle from Off the Waffle. I'll be sure to bring some Eugene treats to the cabin! -Mindy

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