It's June 8th already?

As I step out of the fog created by being cooped up with one sick kid or the other for weeks, I can't believe how quickly time flies. I mean we all say that, and it really does, but wow. Zippo, goodbye May. Mere days until summer is officially here. I've gotta get through this transition and get ready!

First Julia was sick with hurling and fever. Avery caught that. Then Avery caught something else that was more fever, lethargy, etc. and Julia caught that. I tell you, it has been a long and unhealthy time that just lingered forever with its feverish exhaustion. So many things get wiped off the calendar during sicknesses and it was especially hard to cancel and reschedule and resign myself to, "We can't gos" for two weeks. Good riddance to the sick bugs, I say! I am SO glad the kids are back to good health.

Moving along......I wanted to show you pictures of my new birdhouse. It's too late now to put it out, but I can't WAIT to put it out next year. I've been eyeing them at the Farmer's market forever. It's designed for songbirds out of alder. The other cool thing is you can clean them out each year for the next bird. I love that. Avery and I went to get it last weekend and also picked up some prime vegetables and strawberries and of course her favorite, a big bag of caramel corn. I am usually really bad about using the vegetables I buy but I had stuff earmarked for different recipes and so far no waste.

Next on our list of BIG is Julia's birthday this week, and her big birthday party the day after. Should be a lot of fun. I can't believe I'm going to have a seven-year-old and a five-year-old! CRAZY! I'll report back with the scoop on her birthday festivities. We are also getting haircuts for summer (Julia and I) and have some fun adventures planned in June like that trip to Eugene we never got to make and a much anticipated getaway for my husband and I. And that's just June! Fun awaits in July and August, too.

I'll be back!


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