My Mom Made Me Cut These Lovely Locks

We three girls all had haircuts last week to start the summer off with a bang. (That would have been an even better pun except only one of us has actual bangs). Anyhoo, Julia's was the most drastic as she lost a good 6-7 inches. Her hair was long and really beautiful, but, it was so much work for her to keep it tangle free and thoughher scalp is nowhere near as sensitive to brushing as it once was, I was tiring of the struggle. I feel like she's at an age now that she can be responsible for brushing and washing it herself so having it shorter sets her up for success. She fought me hard the morning of, but I stayed strong and she's been known to say she loves it. I think it looks so cute AND she'll be able to brush it and wash it herself with ease. It was a flashback to her haircut at three. Many inches were lost and much cuteness results.

Avery is growing her hair longer so she just had it trimmed up a bit. Her hair is fairly easy because it is very straight and doesn't tangle like her sisters. Her hair is also a really great color, like it's highlighted but it's not. Me, after letting it get long and mangy, I'm back to my shorter do and loving it.

Bring it on, summer, we've got new dos!


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