Seven is So Different Than Six!

I remember turning seven at Chico's Pizza in Moses Lake surrounded by pals. I think a lime slushy got spilled on me at some point. And now I have a seven-year-old: Julia!

We celebrated twice, once on the actual day with an apple pie, a new bike, and then again the next day at an after school art party at My Masterpeice with zucchini cupcakes, friends and grandma.

Seven brings with it many wonderful things. There is increased sensitivity about other's feelings. There is increased openness to new things. Self confidence, independence, and responsibility are all more deepy ingrained than before. Seven brings sass, but for Julia, so did one, two, three, four, five and six.

Oh how I love you, my seven-year old!


Anonymous said…
what is this blog all about also its soooooo long can you shorten it

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