Fish On

Last weekend we took the kids fishing at Hornings Hideout
on a misty wet Sunday morning. We were greeted by the vocal resident peacocks, found strolling everywhere. Horning's stocked pond makes for guaranteed fish-catching. An added bonus: they have all the gear so you can rent whatever, and they teach you how to clean the fish or will take them off your hands if you want to donate them.

The kids had done a bit of fishing earlier in the summer and Avery was especially jazzed about it all until there was a bite on her line. Then bringing it in surprised/scared her (the fish was really thrashing about) and she wanted nothing to do with reeling it in.

Julia, though willing to hold the pole and reel it in, had issues with the fact that we were going to be killing the fish. She was so heartbroken and it made her instantly hate fishing.

We caught four trout in all. I was quite thrilled to catch a fish after all these years. It made me think of my dad, an avid angler, who bought Julia her first fishing pole and would undoubtedly have been chuckling at his grandaughter's response to fishing.


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