Meet Lanie

Last year Julia received Lanie, an American Girl doll, from her grandma. There was a period where Lanie was relatively ignored, but thanks to the fact that one of Julia's good friends has several American Girl Dolls, Julia has really taken a huge interest lately in Lanie, involving her in play dates and dreaming about just what adventure they'll have next. She thinks aloud things like, "Maybe I can make Lanie a bookshelf and paint it," or, "Maybe we could have a little room in our house that could be Lanie's room." There's no shortage to her imaginings involving Lanie. I expect her to want me to make an optomotrist appointment for Lanie any day now.

If any of you have ever received an American Girl Doll catalog, (or known the guilt of tucking the catalog immediately into the recycling) you have seen the fondue sets and the snow outfits not meant to be in the snow that you can buy for the dolls. Lanie, being the 2010 Doll of the Year, is a "green-minded" girl, interested in nature and the earth, so if you own her, you dream of one day owning her camper, campfire set, and nature friends.

But if you grow up with my husband and I as your parents, you find yourself tucked snugly in your sleeping bag camping and listening to your dad enthusiastically reading the product descriptions while your mother titters in the corner. It will be a cold day in hell that they'll be shelling out $295 for a camper, in other words. What your mother WILL do, is invest in a pattern for clothing for your 18 inch doll, and begin to sew her outfits. Despite how I was almost dreading it, I actually had a lot of fun doing it.

Now, Lanie has a whole host of options that Julia is just thrilled with. I feel good that I used my scrap material for good. And Avery is eyeing a doll for herself, so I'm sure I will get good use out of the pattern for awhile.

Observe the gallery:

PJ's, blanket and pillow, nature tote, and shorts


Apron and long skirt, to get her "pioneer" on

Legwarmers, fashioned out of some old tights that no longer fit

Butterfly shirt and green skirt
I have to laugh that I have a few more things in the works for Lanie, like jeans and some knit items. What a great creative outlet this has been and I have the American Girl Doll craze (first I typed crazy) to thank.


krystie said…
Cute clothes, great job!
Anonymous said…
Look how much fun you are having. That gal is stylin'. Oh I remember those magical days when I made Barbie clothes. You will have to knit a sweater and hat combo with your scraps of yarn. ~Aunt M
Shari said…
Cute outfits. Good job mom! I really like the skirt and the butterfly shirt and green skirt set. What cute fall fabric prints.
Shari said…
Forgot to ask - what pattern did you use? Did you like working with it?
Tia said…
Thanks Shari!

I used Simplicity Crafts #7083. I did like working with it-pretty easy and I'm not a big pattern sewer.

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