Thursday, September 09, 2010

Summer, though not technically OVER, is over.

School is back in session.

The requisite first day photo has been taken (twice, as both girls started on different days).

Today it was 72 degrees, but, as Avery's kindergarten class concluded via a vote, the sky was cloudy. I don't think muggy was one of their choices.

The hammock has been put away, called on account of rain like a ball game.

Our bed times are earlier, our wake up times are earlier.

Our last camping trip of the season will happen tomorrow at Lake Billy Chinook.

I am having fun leaving notes in Julia's lunch. Today I wrote one on an ole timey guest check charging her five hugs for her sandwich and five hugs for her peach.

Avery's transition to kindergarten has gone very smoothly. I'm very excited for this new experience, she was definitely ready.

I did not cry when I dropped her off but I did ask lots of questions as we ate at Subway after school. Sounds like her classroom is going to be a great place for her to spend each morning.

Autumnal embraces to each of you reading!

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Anonymous said...

I don't see any sad faces in that picture. What will you do with that new found time? I can't bear the thought of the putting the hammock into dry dock quite yet. I am anticipating some Indian summer days wrapped in a blanket for a long afternoon read. ~m