Hello October Goodbye October

I shouldn't scare you like this the day after Halloween but it's a post, out of nowhere! BOO!

This year we went to Lakeview Farms in North Plains to get our pumpkins. It was pouring down rain but there was still a pony ride.
There were many green pumpkins this year and lots of mud.

We decked the house out some time ago. Might I recommed the Dollar Store for future decking out needs?

Here the girls pose with their pumpkins. They drew the faces and we carved them into fruition. My husband had Julia's and it was a much more intricate endeavor. I think it has a name, too: Harold. And it's a beatnik. Two of the pumpkins got painted with chalkboard paint, the perfect surface on which to sketch chalk faces.

Last night when we were trick or treating people would say, "Oh! A princess and an Indian!" Nobody said Native American. Has that term died or is that just representative of where we live and maybe the age of the people doling out the goods? I always get such a kick out of the older guys with the pot bellies and hearty smiles who answer the door and bend down to give them their treats. One even let them each pick something for me, standing at the curb. I find people to be so jolly on Halloween.

Anyway, Julia wanted to be an Indian this year, Sacajawea to be exact. She called herself an Indian, too, so perhaps Native Amerian has died in the local lingo? Her braids were a gas to make. She was quite thrilled with her whole outfit. This smile with her new front teeth just melts me.

Avery wanted to be a princess, and chose the princess dress that we invested in long ago that keeps on giving. They had a parade at Kindergarten and the whole school basically lines the halls to watch them go by. Classic!

Another year, another fun Halloween season!


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