Rainy Cabin Weekend

Last month we got up to the cabin for a cozy, rainy weekend with my mom.

We purposefully laid low, reading, writing, playing, while the stormy weather raged outside.

A hike in the rain can sometimes just hit the spot, especially if you get to come inside and get warm. So we did that and of course, being in nature with my family I had to take some pictures!

In the rain, everything glistens.

The lake had a green murky look to it.

This little inlet almost seemed to have a tide, and we watched the water and everything floating in it move back and forth.

The Madronas were dressed up in their orange-red berries.

The moss on this madrona seemed to almost travel right before your eyes.

The maple leave were big, but rain coats were still necessary.

Nature, we love you so, even when it rains!


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