December? The MIDDLE of December? Holy cow. This poor blog and 2010 were so out of sync. Maybe 2011 will be better.

We are EXCITED about Christmas around here. Seriously excited, as in, we've never been quite so off the wall before. Downright Dotty! Bonkers! Loopy!

We did a photo shoot (by we I mean Me, the girls, my camera) and there were some gems of my lovelies..

This was the winner:

So the cards have been done and sent. The presents ordered and arrived, the packages mailed. I have a new appreciation for not just the gift sent but the time the giver spent in line at the P.O. sending it, you know? Why does the post office employ ONE person at its' most busiest? CRAZINESS. ANYHOO, things are crossed off the list, and all that remains is the wrapping.

We are travelling to Michigan this year on Christmas Day which will be quite the adventure. We've never travelled with both kids before-I think at 5 and 7 they are at a nice age but can confirm that after. We celebrated with my family last weekend and it was GREAT. I need family time at the holidays. It's just a MUST.

And so, there's more I could say about our holidays around here, so I'll be back.


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