Lately Made

Some years I am a crafting maniac at the holidays. This year, only two projects were slated. Both turned out well enough to want to keep.

This is the lid for a jar. I saw it at Goodwill sitting, just a jar with a naked wooden lid, next to an older brother and younger sister jar with naked wooden lids. Basically anything wooden begs me to collage it, so I did and now a certain old amigo will be getting this for Christmas filled with treats. I need to think of what else I could put in the jars other than food. Any suggestions?

I'd wanted to make a fabric checkerboard from this book and so I did. It was supposed to be for cousins but when Avery asked if I would make one for her, I decided I already was and I ordered the cousins a few choice games on Amazon: Rush Hour Jr. and Set. The kids are already using the heck out of it. Worth every stitch, I say.


Anonymous said…
I keep found objects in a jar. ie a Eucalyptus bud from San Fran, a piece of pumice stone from Crater Lake, shells, a rock collected from the bank of the Rhine River in Europe, you know those little treasures. ~m

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