The Holiday Haps

When we saw Santa this year, both girls told him they wanted Legos. This is the same Santa we saw getting out of a Chevy several years ago.

Here's our tree this year, set up once again in our playroom. It's a Noble and it smells just amazing, even after having it up for three weeks. We lost our tree farm compass and found ourselves at BobZ for our tree this year. Nothing wrong with that. Next year maybe we'll go somewhere new with friends.

The girls got these cute knit ornaments from Target to add to their collections.
We did mini Gingerbread houses one afternoon.
Julia did some serious work on the roof's details.

Avery adorned hers with Tootsie Rolls...

Mine was nothing but a sea of jelly beans. Oh and I couldn't stop eating the icing.

Jolly good times. Jolly good.


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