Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roller Rink Richness

Julia's friend Wynne had her birthday party at Skate World recently and I was SO EXCITED to take the girls roller skating for their first time!

One foot inside a skating rink and you are immediately transformed back in time. You remember the smell, the carpeted walls, the satisfying thump of good music, the breeze as you round the rink.

The girls did GREAT! I was so proud of the way they both went into it willingly, ready to try something new. Julia fell SO MANY TIMES-her method of walk-skating had her pretty flustered and even teary-eyed. At one point I left Avery clinging to the ledge, where she preferred to totter along at her own careful speed, (resulting in very few falls) to go out and work with Julia. We'd been told to keep our arms at our sides and shuffle our skates forward and backward "like penguins." This technique definitely helped Julia. It felt so good to be there for her and see her improve. She really did, too!

Watching my precious daughters stumble along and persevere, in the shadow of older, more savvy skaters somehow gave me a teeny taste of the teenagers hiding deep down inside them that will one day embark upon such adventures with less innocence.

One trip to any roller rink and the kids they are now will not belie what's to come.


There was a period of time where Avery was NOT into extracurriculars. She became nervous and clingy in new situations, sending us into a bit of a panic knowing that kindergarten was around the corner and we wanted her to be ready and excited.

Our approach was to give her MORE extracurriculars and reinforcement for being brave in each situation. She was put into swimming lessons again after not having been in swimming since last summer. She had three sessions of lessons in a row and made HUGE improvements.

With exposure to ballet, tennis and yoga, not to mention a new session of swimming lessons in August, she's rising to the challenge and each experience is making her a more confident and well-rounded kiddo.