Michgan Trip Pt. 2

My in-laws neighborhood in Kalamazoo is a mix of Frank Lloyd Wright-esque homes, nestled into the landscape. I took lots of walks in the brisk cold and just loved looking at everything. It's such a different kind of beauty in Michigan, lots of big deciduous trees and forests. Lovely!

This is my husband's family farmhouse near Coldwater that was built in the 1880s. My father- in-law grew up there and my husband lived there for awhile as a child.

In downtown Coldwater, we had to pose in front of this famous opera house.

Melissa and Sara pose prior to going on a bagel/donut run. Had to snap a shot.

We drove to Lake Michigan one day. What a strange thing to stand on the banks of a lake and feel like you're at the ocean.

My husband's dad's aunt Melissa was a famous teacher in the area and has this commemorative picture hanging at the library.

One of the highlights was getting pictures taken at Walmart in Coldwater of the cousins together and then of us. My husband's smile says it all. Good times.


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