A:Please don't laugh at me if I tell you my secret. I have a boyfriend.

Me:Who is it?

A:I thought it was Nathan the first time but it's really Ethan.

Me:Who's Ethan?

A: Ethan is a boy in Mrs. Z's class. He already knows I'm in love with him. All because Julia told me to. It's actually all my fault that I showed him I loved him.

Me: How does he know that you love him?

A:He was over by one of the microphones at recess. He was waiting at the one that's closest to the......not the one closest to the grass but the one farthest from the grass, the field. I was skipping around over there. I turned my head to see if he was there. Turned my head again, he wasn't there. Turned my head back and he was standing there and he looked like he was giggling. That's how I got embarassed. So now he knows that I'm in love with him.

Me: You got embarassed. And what does he look like? What do you like about him?

A:I just like his look.


Anonymous said…
I love this transcript soooooooo much!!!! RICHNESS!
xoxo, Meg

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