Avery's Leprachaun Trap, In Her Words

"It starts with a plastic bin. And then you print out a paper brick wall. You tape it on the side. And then you put a Playmobil ladder from your Playmobil basket, box or bin. And you put that ladder on the side so the leprachaun can climb up. And then you put some cardboard at the top and you make an X at the top so he can fall through. Then you put a gold button at the top. And then when he climbs up to the top he will fall in and he will be trapped. And the leprachaun can't get out."

I love that they have to do this for their kindergarten homework. There's a whole lot of hoopla about Lucky, the leprachaun that often visits their school on St. Patrick's Day.

Happy St. Pats to all of you! May the luck 'o the Irish be with you!
This is the gold button that the leprachaun wants to capture!
Here are the rest of the traps pictured in her class. Such variety!


Anonymous said…
That is rich! A rainbow in the sky would be the perfect ending to the Leprachaun hunt.

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