Cruising for Bruising

In high school I spent a lot of time downstairs in my room. My dad teased me about always being "in my hole" and I distinctly remember my brothers mocking me because I liked spending time down in my room listening to Basia.

It was the late 80's. I'd heard Basia's music on Kink and I dug it. I can only imagine just how smoothly it rocked the kitchen floor above my room. Okay, it wasn't what everyone else was listening to necessarily, (just everyone's parents) so perhaps they had a right to tease...

Fast forward twenty years and I don't own any of Basia's music. Everything I owned then was in cassette form and I've since gotten rid of my mammoth tape collection.

But guess who does own Basia's music?

Both brothers! Isn't that rich? When I visited Andy in February he played it for me on his computer and Ry recently found a Basia tape at Goodwill that he bought. For old timey sake, I've got two Basia albums on request at the library.

Which 80's musical artist did YOU get mocked for listening to?


Anonymous said…
hey! i also love Basia..I love her songs like Promises, Astrud and of course, Cruisin for Bruising....

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