Friday, March 04, 2011

Golden Moments

Avery and I are very lucky to get to have some special time together each day when she gets home from kindergarten and before we pick Julia up from school. It's not every day that we actually take advantage of that time because sometimes we're both in front of screens or running errands or at ballet class or having a playdate. But sometimes we actually use the time to spend in a quality way together. I'm really going to miss that next year when both girls are in school all day. We're truly dangling at the end of an era.

In the picture above we spent some time together at one of our favorite places, a place we call "The Blue Heron Park." (If we're lucky, we spy blue herons here sometimes). Avery had organized a scavenger hunt so we set about finding certain things. When we were done we saw all sorts of other cool things, too.
The remains of a beaver's business

A heart-shaped grassy imprint left behind by a shoe

Letters made by sticks and carved into the bark of trees

When Avery and I are together (both of us are very observant) there's a lot of noticing going on. Avery noticed, for example that this duck had a very long beak. We wondered if it had something to do with his way of digging around in the mud underwater to find food.....

As we were finishing our trek around the paths, Avery noticed something else. The blue heron was huddled in a tree.
It was a great way to finish our time together.

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