Hello Milestone

The girls LOVE going to the dentist. Dr. Muckerheide is really cheery and non-threatening and has the best prizes. They always leave with big (clean!) smiles. So far no cavities for either one of them. Phew! Not sure why, but we'll take it.

Yesterday, something very big happened at the dentist. Avery walked in with a dangling tooth and walked out with a gap in her smile and a tiny purple box containing her first lost tooth! She's had one hanging on by a thread for a few weeks and the dentist had only to give it a good twist and out it came. I was sitting in the waiting room (another milestone, Avery used to always need me to come in with her) and heard Julia excitedly say, "Oh Avery!" and then out came Aves with a HUGE excited smile and a gap in her mouth. She's been eagerly awaiting the loss of her first tooth for awhile now.
Avery poses with her hygenist Gwen and the new hole in her smile!


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