Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping it Real Monday

My blog reflects positive things in our lives, perhaps (unintentionally)leading the reader to believe that life for us simply sparkles.


Today, as much as I love my darling cherubs, I will spend Keeping it Real Monday sharing the most extreme ways my children annoy me. Yes, I said it, sometimes my children annoy me.

Julia smacks louder than anyone I've ever heard when she eats. At least once a day I find myself saying, "Wow, I can really hear you chewing...."

Avery likes to need me urgently from other rooms RIGHT when I've begun an important task. It's something about her nasally, "MAAAAAM!" that just gets me and not in a good way.

When we walk places together, like into the library for example, one of my girls is always walking RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, slowly and without realizing it.

It's impossible for me to talk on the phone without one of them approaching me and starting a conversation as though I'm completely available.

They need me to DJ whenever we're listening to their CD's in the car. You'd think after several Kidz Bop albums I would know which number the songs are.
but I do not.

Their bathroom is perpetually covered in toothpaste.

And, drumroll please.......................................................
my children ALWAYS go out into the backyard, forget to unlock the door behind them, lock themselves out and bang on the door really loud to be let back in. To illustrate my own failings, I let them in begrudgingly.

Do tell, how do your children annoy YOU?


Anonymous said...

OK..this one is making me LOL. Mondays bring out the best in all of us don't they. mrl

coop said...

B wants to help prepare food, and by "help" he means throw every bit of vegetable that I have so painstakingly chopped on the floor. Super annoying, little angel.

Anonymous said...

Actually, at the risk of being a copycat, everything you said about your little ones annoying habits are true for ours. Zane eats louder than anyone I know (he and Julia will have to be seated next to each other) and I think Mason is trying to herd me like our border collie whenever we are in a store, the house, the library, etc. Aren't they amazing?