Kids in the Kitchen

"today i invented a new kind of cookie.I do'nt quite know what I'm going to call them.Right now I'm waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven."
-typed by Julia

One thing we haven't done much as a family is cook together. I feel a little bad about it, and I know it's my own comfort level's fault

Today the girls wanted to do some creative baking and for the first time ever, I truly let them go at it. The only thing I did was point out a recipe to give them an idea of measurements/proportions and help with the oven.

Julia was in heaven creating cookies for her fairy house.

Avery was thrilled to be frosting grahams with a pre-made Trader Joe's frosting mix and old grahams that had been in the cupboard forever.

Even starting with a clean kitchen this has been a worthwhile way for them to spend some time this Saturday afternoon, just because of how good they feel about their creations.

The more we do stuff like this, the more comfortable I'll be with it . The chocolatey smiles make it all worthwhile! Of course we'll have to taste what they created to see how it all turns out, too!

Edited to add: Julia's cookies are called Fairy Kisses
Nonpareils will never again be used in such a cooking project. I keep stepping on them! They're everywhere!


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