Mindy, An Ode

Mindy is one of my most loyal readers and I promised her a post about Intel acroynms which just wasn't panning out, so instead, today's post is a tribute to Mindy.

Mindy and her husband Kyle are longtime friends of my husband and that is how we met. When you are able to bond with the wife of your husband's bud, it is a gift. Mindy and I have much in common: an interest in writing, reading, and shopping at Ross. It was by Mindy's side that I first ventured to Eugene's Voodoo Donuts. We have photo booth pictures to prove it.

Mindy is an amazing person. Not only does she give selflessly of herself to her two red-headed boys, and great husband Kyle, she works full time as a teacher at an alternative school in Eugene. She does all sorts of really cool things for her students, is inspired and invested in ways all teachers should be.

I admire Mindy a lot and look forward to the next time our families get together so we can hang. Oh, that reminds me, we both like hammocks, too.

Mindy is going to Bali tomorrow, a fun trip she so deserves. You go, girl! Thanks for reading.


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