Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Post as Long as the Beach We Visited

We are big fans of the Long Beach Penninsula and decided to end our spring break there this year. We stayed in a little house built in 1898 in Seaview. We really loved it for it's charm and comfort.
There are so many cute historic homes near it, too. This was one of my faves.
Julia and I took a walk in the neighborhood and she told me what her life would be like when she was an adult. There was lots of bread baking and dress making to look forward to. I loved hearing about it.
Avery was happy to pull out the house's games one at a time and play with the peices. The perfect gift for Avery would be a stack of games from Goodwill that she could just HAVE AT, co-mingling peices and using at her whim. All the better if the game had play money.
Despite the rain, we got down to the beach quite a bit. We actually drove most of the length of the beach, ON the beach, something that really thrills my husband. This "lighthouse" that we spotted near the northern tip of the peninsula was actually someone's home. Wow.
Avery made an obstacle course on the sand. Julia wrote big words.
We played at Funland. I usually catch Skeeball Fever here. My high score was 300,000. I just can't stop playing once I start. Avery followed suit.
We also spotted many a monkey tree around town.
My husband and I used to try to be first to spot monekey trees and shout but now Avery is usually the one shouting, "Monkey Puzzle Tree!"
We took the girls to the Lewis and Clark Museum at Cape Disappointment, too. They did scavenger hunts and earned badges. I always chuckle at the way they spelled back in 1804.
The Long Beach Peninsula is our go-to getaway when we want to unplug. No t.v. (They did have one on which the girls watched The Fox and the Child Saturday night but no cable). No computer. Just relaxation, time together, a change of pace and scene. This visit in particular was a really good one. It ended our spring break fabulously.
I don't know when, but we'll be back.....

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Anonymous said...

Look at that sunshine! No clouds hanging over your heads for sure. What a quaint place. I think I must visit it myself one day soon.
Aunt M