Post-A-Day in March Ends With A Giveaway!

Tell me who the HE is in this quote and win a goody!

"Oh yes, yes yes indeedy HE does the dishes and helps with the laundry, you betcha!"

Time to delurk and comment! Go ahead and "sign in" as anonymous but please sign your name to your comment. One of you will be randomly chosen and given a treat for reading!


Anonymous said…
Oh. Right. That's crazy grandpa Howard! Do I win a slug shirt??? Do I? Do I? Oh, please let it be a slug shirt!
Anonymous said…
Yes, Grandpa Howard, but I'm the second to chime in--only because I've been so busy at work lately I haven't had time to read blogs. WHATEVER!! This is one of my favorite movies ever and I can quote most all of it. And, Dong has only been in our country a short time, Fred, I think we can all help him assimilate.
xoxo, Cher
Anonymous said…
And I thought the answer was Miley. Ha!
Anonymous said…
A bit of a trick question? I guess the "HE" they're talking about is Long Duck Dong. -Your husband
Anonymous said…
2 things I gotta tell you but don't have your email and can't go on fb at work!
1. I saw The Waitress and loved it soooooo much. Putting it up there at the top with Amelie.
2. Started a blog. Don't know how long it will last:
Hope you're great!! Good job with all of those march posts!! love ya,
Tia said…
Hello Readers and Guessers!

My husband got the QUIZ correct with the answer: Long Duck Dong. After all, as Grandpa Howard says, "He does the dishes and helps with the laundry, you betcha," all in the name of Grandpa's HYENA. :O)

I will be sure to award my husband with a nice big, something. Thanks again for reading and for guessing!

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