Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday the girls and I finally went to Slappycakes. I'd been wanting to take them forever and a free day over spring break seemed like as good a time as any, especially when Yogi Bear was also playing at the theater down the street and they'd both really been wanting to see it.
Slappycakes is like the breakfast version of a Mongolian grill. Most tables are built with a hot griddle in its' center. When ordering, you can pick any number of gourmet breakfast selections including pancakes cooked by them, OR the batter to make pancakes yourself at your table. There are several batter options, from gluten free to sweet potato. You can also choose things you might like to drop into the cooking batter (we picked chocolate chips) as well as what to put on top of them once they're cooked.

Worth a visit, indeed! It makes for a fun and creative eating experience.

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