Tiny Dancer

Madeline (pronounced like the children's book character) danced her way into my heart when I met her for the first time over President's weekend.

Andy and Meghann, precious brother and sister-in-law that they are, went and created a most adorable neice that will satiate any baby-fix I might need (since I am completely done with having babies). I'll sniff her and smile at her and feel my whole body calm as I hold her, then I'll hand her back (albeit begrudgingly) while they take it upon themselves to raise her up right. That's all I have to do with this absolutely adorable picture of perfect: play with her and spoil her. It's much different than the responsibility of parenthood, this being an aunt-business.* If only she didn't live so far away.....

*My own aunt Mary was so cherished growing up so I've had a good model. Speaking of whom, check out the darling shoes she made for Madeline. (She's always been AMAZING at homemade gifts!)


Anonymous said…
Look at that Madeline checking out her Aunt Tia and thinking "oh what fun we are going to have together"! mrl

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