Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Madeline (pronounced like the children's book character) danced her way into my heart when I met her for the first time over President's weekend.

Andy and Meghann, precious brother and sister-in-law that they are, went and created a most adorable neice that will satiate any baby-fix I might need (since I am completely done with having babies). I'll sniff her and smile at her and feel my whole body calm as I hold her, then I'll hand her back (albeit begrudgingly) while they take it upon themselves to raise her up right. That's all I have to do with this absolutely adorable picture of perfect: play with her and spoil her. It's much different than the responsibility of parenthood, this being an aunt-business.* If only she didn't live so far away.....

*My own aunt Mary was so cherished growing up so I've had a good model. Speaking of whom, check out the darling shoes she made for Madeline. (She's always been AMAZING at homemade gifts!)

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Anonymous said...

Look at that Madeline checking out her Aunt Tia and thinking "oh what fun we are going to have together"! mrl