Haircut Party

We often start the summer with fresh new hairdos and have gone to many different hair babes to get them. This year we used Theresa, a hair babe who comes to OUR house and does a great haircut! Knowing we weren't the only ones ready to go shorter, we invited our good friends Wendy and Haley over and were utterly transformed, each and every one of us!

After having had loooong hair for a looooooong time both Wendy and Haley came away with new looks that really complimented them. That's putting it mildly, in truth, they looked downright FABULOUS.

Here is Wendy's hair before:

Here is Wendy's hair after:

Haley had only ever received a mere trim on her hair. Isn't her dress cute? Wendy made it!

You can see Haley's hair here and despite her face, she was very happy with it.

Avery went a few inches shorter and kept her bangs.

Julia went a few inches shorter and kept her bangs long. Her hair looks especially cute in the back because of her natural curl.

My cut was the standard shorter bob, but it's been great. Easy. No more ponytail. Also, I've stopped coloring it, so what you see is what you get. Thankfully the sun has given it some highlights this summer.
I say "yay" to haircuts, hair babes that come to you, and good friends to get them with!


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