The Weight

Me in February 2011

I never really grew up worrying about my body much, but two pregnancies left me with unwanted weight that over a seven year period I never shed. I was so unhappy with this on a daily basis. My hugeness was affecting me hugely.

Desipte feeling like I was feeling, it was a combination of circumstances that made me finally do something about it: a visit to my Dr. to remind me my BMI indicated that I was OBESE, working out but feeling like my workouts only got me so far, weighing 192 pounds!!! I met various people in various ways who'd had success with Weight watchers and suddenly doing it seemed like the perfect way to get healthy.

In March, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and joined. It is led by a wonderful woman and attended by all sorts of gals who have had great success. Following the program, I had immediate success. Each time I would weigh in I would feel more rewarded by my progress. I am just anal enough to really do well with a system of tracking my food. That plus my workouts launched a whole new definition of healthy. People started to comment on how I looked, noticing the change in my body even more than I did.

37.8 pounds later I am a new gal whose BMI is the normal range. I feel amazing and mostly because in my head there's new space for good stuff instead of my mind being taken up by negative thoughts about my body. I have learned to eat differently, a habit which Weight Watchers teaches people. When I try on clothes they fit. I have gone down 2-3 sizes which has made shopping for new clothes fun. When I take pictures I don't delete them because of how my body looks. I feel so humbled by this hard work and progress that every once in awhile it hits me really hard. Then I press on, following a plan that works without a whole heck of a lot of thought about it at all.

This summer we have been on the go and I've managed (thus far) to stay strong despite a change in routine and an inability to attend meetings on a regular basis to stay in touch with my progress. When I reach my goal weight in about five more pounds, there I plan to stay and it's because I can't even tell you how happy I am now. I would much rather feel like this than eat all the coconut cream pie in the world. What's great about Weight Watchers is that I can still have a peice of it every once in awhile, which completely satisfies.
Me in July 2011


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