The Woods of Washington

I've told you about the cabin before, I know. But here it sits, one of my happy places. We spent about three days here laying around and reading all day. The weather was overcast and we barely noticed. There was a hike and a canoe trip, as well as trips into Yelm to Walmart. All in all, very kick back. The right way to start the summer, and especially to start my husband's ten week sabbatical, or as I call it, the saBADASSical.
Then, the Californians arrived. So good to see my brother and his wife and baby. The girls were completely enamored of their cousin. They got so much Madeline in their system that when they see a picture of her now, they make happy noises and say, "Awwwwww."
She is SO. CUTE. Nothing but a huge smile. And, she seemed to really love the girls-I think their high voices especially delighted her because she would watch them animated, her tiny legs kicking down again and again.
As always it was great to see my brother. I miss him so. He and the hus bonded over construction projects and trips to Yelm for BB guns.
He's a great dad, too. And his wife is also a great mom.
My sis-in-law and I both have July birthdays so there was a celebration in our honor.
AND, she did cardio jams (this is the class I take when at home and I've been doing it just long enough to mostly remember the moves)with me and my mother in the woods. I had to work out over vacay so this is how it went down, with Julia adding in her groovy moves.
Julia got in a little hammock time reading The Sister's Grimm.
We made collages with my mom and did freezer paper stencils on tees. Good times. That's your slug love one, Mol. WINK!
We were really lucky to get some gorgeous and warm weather and got over to Otter Beach for some swimming and sunning, or just pensive towel time.
That and we had fun climbing an Alder that went out over the water.
No bullfrogs to speak of, no moss animals like last summer, several sightings of a bald eagle, and a sighting of a snake, while on the trail with Avery. We were holding hands and I stopped us with just a quick intake of breath as it slithered in front of us. But her yell? Just as loud as any I've done. Except mine, as I told Avery, wasn't a yell but an "Oh mommy I love you," when I saw a snake as a kid.
We got my mom a new charcoal BBQ to roll out for guests and had the BEST burgers on the 4th of July, followed by sparklers and a tame viewing of the fireworks someone was letting out over the lake.
Glory be to the cabin, getaway of rest and rejuvination. Thank you, wilds of Washington!


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