Hawaii Part One

To cap off sabBADASSical 2011, we experienced our first ever Hawaiian adventure on Kauai. It was an AMAZING way to relax, soaking up floral smells, breezes, trees, water, heat, and nonstop sunshine. To be around this changed us; the Aloha spirit gets inside of you, restoring you with every memory.
Our first trip to the south coast, where we stayed, took us through this amazing tree tunnel, enjoyed through the open top of our jeep.
We stayed in the Poipu area. This was the doorway to our home away from home....
The first thing that caught our attention in the ocean were the sea turtles behind our condo. There were always at least four swimming right there, poking their heads out or riding the surf! AMAZING!
Check out the view!
We used the pool at our condo at LEAST once a day but usually twice.
We quickly realized that though the beaches would be somewhere we spent a lot of time, it was important to be on beaches where we could relax, as many beaches in Hawaii are not super safe for kiddos. Poipu Beach was a short walk from our condo and had GREAT snorkeling and a space perfect for kiddie water play.
So did Lydgate Beach on the East.
This one was called Salt Pond Beach on the south coast.

Swimming, sun, beaches, pool: that was how we spent A LOT of time in Kauai. The sun was intense, and we all got a bit red at first, but came home fairly tan for the most part. I usually buy sunscreen that I read about on Skin Deep that is really safe and low in chemicals but sucks to spread all over your body because it's so thick and pasty and smells weird. Let's just say by the end of the trip Hawaiian Tropicana (the kind that smells like coconut) was all I'd smooth on, chemicals or not. That's how Kauai relaxed me.

I'll show you some other highlights of Kauai in part two, like maybe a list of what everyone should do there.


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