The Swearing Post

This WEEK has been a blur, henceforth the purposefully blurry photo that Julia snapped in the middle of my trip to Lice HELL.

My face says it all, really captures what I've been up to this week....

Of course Julia got it too, Julia who had been cavorting about exposing friends at birthday parties, etc. So we had to spread the word. Most people were very understanding and sweet about it, and nobody found anything.

THANKFULLY we had conferences last week so while they were off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had time to deal with it. But, after putting NIX on my darling girls' heads on Tuesday, Friday I was still finding live lice.


Enter plan B: Super Cetaphil, which I wish my Peds office would have recommended in the first place. I wish I'd never put NIX on their fragile scalps becayse 1)NIX is toxic as SHIT and 2)it didn't do A GOD DAMNED THING (*if dealing with lice doesn't give me reason to cuss it up big time what does?)

Anyway, I marched down to Costco and bought two two-packs of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and treated each girl Friday, then again on Saturday, and then Avery AGAIN on Sunday, you know, just to make sure.....

Did I mention how good the girls have been through this whole ordeal?

I knew head lice would SUCK and despite my determined beginning, there was a bit of unravelling after three days until I implemented the cure that worked. But the soreness that came from the ergonomics of bending over heads and searching them for an hour? Surprise! They should invent a chair for this. Also, they should invent a way to seal off your own hair and treat it for imaginary itching.

Just writing this is making me itch.

Today, six days after our initial discovery, both girlies went back to school and got checked and (cue medieval trumpet-fare) THEY WERE CLEARED! Hello white flag of victory! The secretary even said, and I quote, "Wow, your mom must have worked really hard, I can't find anything!" (She did find an egg on Avery's head but said we were fine). She also said they would be checking them again in ten days so though the battle is won, it ain't over yet.

Sigh.....(sound of collapsing)


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