Keepin it Real Tuesday

I knew this day would come. This, my 600th post, and I'm going to write about head lice.

Avery has been itching her head for the past three or so days, and each day I've checked her head but found nothing. Today when I checked her scalp, I found it: the thing I didn't want to find, the thing that when I was teaching took kids home and returned them again with shaved heads. In my my fingers I held a live louse, which I captured under scotch tape, like evidence.

I called her teacher, she was awesome. She wanted me to tell Avery that she had it when she was a kid, that she probably had it now, since it jumps.

The advice nurse gave me the scoop and I've spent the morning in combat mode. After finding about ten this morning, we washed her hair, applied NIX, waited, rinsed the NIX, then I went through each section of her hair methodically and removed nit after nit after nit, maybe 30 were on her head in all, which is WAAAAY better than the pictures I just googled (to find the above image)where one little section of hair has 30+.

I was so afraid of this happening one day, and I didn't think I could handle it, but I have. We both have. Even though she cried at first when she found out, she got hugs, she's been deloused. It's a strangely satisfying task to really take care of when you have no other option but to deal. All in all, it's not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. Let's hope we can just keep it at bay.....keep her sister from getting it......


ME said…
Way to take charge and conquer. Good mom-in' Cornelia!

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