The Year We Got Pumpkins in Shorts

Patched it up today out in North Plains at Lakeview Farms. They have a lake, a train, a huge pumpkin patch with pumpkins STILL attached to the vines (I hate it when they set them in the fields) and some serious carmel corn.
Our pumpkins are HUGE this year-each one will be challenging our knuckles as we scrape the wetness. Julia wanted to carve them today. She also saw her friend Jake at the pumpkin patch and both of them were excited but wore these nervous smiles, especially Jake. You forget sometimes as an adult, that feeling of seeing a friend somewhere and how it feels and how nervous it can make you, but especially if it's that girl that you often chase or that chases you at recess.....
Look at these nasturtiums! The girls and I had a great trip to the Library and to the Blue Heron Park today, where we have spent many moments cavorting in the day. I especially love to visit it when fall hits.
These birches just begged to be photographed but we made a concerted effort to go close to them without making the HUGE crowd of Canadian Geese in the pond take flight.
I have taken a picture of Julia by this tree before, and I told her this as I took it, commenting on how tall she looks to me and how it won't be long before she's touching that branch with her head.
The girls have this routine where they run down a certain slope and when they reach the bottom their dad puts his arms out and catches them and spins them in the air. Today I did the catching and the spinning, and since I was also trying to photograph them, I quickly had to switch gears to do the catch. When I did Avery I wrenched my wrist and she was so sweet about it, giving me a big old kiss on the wrist and holding it gently for me.
To end our afternoon, we stopped by Sesame Donuts in the library's lobby. I made the girls order their treats and then we sat outside as Avery enjoyed six chocolate and six pumpkin donut holes and Julia enjoyed a glazed donut.
The whole time Avery ate, she would report how many were left. "Mom, I have six chocolate and three pumpkin ones left...."
I was buying the girls gloves the other day and the lady at Marshalls was telling me how her outside dog has already beefed up his thick coat of hair, indicating the winter to come. I have heard our winter just may be a serious one this year, who knows. The geese are definitely heading out.....
.....for now, we will definitely take an October afternoon getting pumpkins and dinking around outdoors in shorts.


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