The Birth of Filbert and Fern

My friend Ellie is a seamstress, and she creates and crafts adorable clothing for girls. Her shop, Lucy Goosey is featured at many local markets and this summer she asked me if I could make some collages to adorn her shop that would also be for sale. My answer? Uh, YEAH!

What Ellie presented me with was an amazing opportunity which both lit a fire beneath me and resulted in me dedicating some of my free time to doing something I LOVE. When I've spent time working really hard on a collage, I find myself thinking about it, eager to get back to it in a way I never expected. Right now during this precious period of time when I haven't been able to find a teaching job, I am able to use some of my free time (the task-mastering of motherhood simultaneously accomplished), to take a risk creatively and put my creations out there. I've stocked up on fun papers, on old children's books for their illustrations, on wooden surfaces, on mod podge. The possibilities abound!

I have been VERY BUSY.........
(This collage I actually made for Ellie in exchange for the dress she made for Avery below).

Hopefully, some of my collages will hang in Ellie's booth one day. I thank her for getting me going on all this. In the meantime, you can also find them in my Etsy shop Filbert and Fernhere.
Dress by Lucy Goosey


Anonymous said…
Fab collages, Cornelia!!! Rock that creative spark!
xoxo, cher

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